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This may sound like a joke but please know I'm being completely honest here and just need help. My sister has incestual feelings for me. she's twelve years old and I just turned seventeen. I don't know if this a phase she's going through, or if she's just trying to get a reaction from me, but I've been feeling really bad. She constantly turns whatever conversation we're having into something inappropriate. She asks me if I can kiss her on the mouth so she knows what it feels like. She asks if I want to see her undressed. A week or so ago she came into my room and molested me in my sleep. And when I woke up, she kissed me on the mouth and I was just frozen and didn't know what to do. I've been avoiding her, and quite frankly I am afraid of her. I've told her several times that brothers and sisters can't do that, but she said she read a book about a brother and sister who did these things together, so she thinks it's fine. I don't know who gave her the book. I'm actually crying now because I just feel so sick and I don't know what to do. Our parents are dead and we live with our grandmother, and when I told her about my sister, she laughed. I don't know how to fix this.

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  • fuck the living shit out of the little slut, make her your personal cum dumpster

  • I've seen this anime.

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