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My coworker is a total cuntwaffle. She's this fat twice-divorced gen-Xer who behaves like Daria from the 90s despite the fact she's 45. Everytime the boss complains about her she finds a list of things to tell on me for. She thinks that will make her in less trouble just because I took to long during lunch. Starting to see why the first 2 husbands left. She unironically reads Handmaid's tale and insults "Theists" despite knowing full well the office is full of Christians who have been very kind to her. Almost everyone in the office has had enough. I'm being professional with her. I only post my butthurt here.

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  • Well you do know that the world of the Handmaid’s Tale is more plausible than the existence of a loving God don’t you?

  • Cuntwaffle. I like that word.

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