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I've came out to my parents about being bisexual, but they don't trust me going to sleepovers anymore. And I feel like if I tell them about my almost 4 month relationship with my girlfriend they're going to punish me in some way. Even my girlfriend tells me not to tell my parents that she'll be at the sleepover, just because she thinks that I won't be able to come , which has happened before. So I have come up with a secret identity for my girlfriend. I named "him" Matthew, I only told my parents that I liked "him" and they encourage me to do tell or do something to "him".I might tell my parents this summer because we'll be out of state far away from my girlfriend. :/

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  • Wait, so... what exactly is the problem here? This confession is kind of scattered. Is the problem telling them that you have a gf? They already know you're bi and don't let you go to sleepovers, so... what's the point in not telling them? (I'm also bi but I'm not sure I understand this confession.)

  • They know you're in a relationship but think you're going to fool around with someone at a sleepover? They should trust you more.

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