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ok so I kinda like this guy in my class, NOT in a relationship way. I wanna be his friend soooo badly, and he's the ever so generic, popular guy. He's really nice and sweet and funny, and NOT my type to be in a relationship with, but just my type to be friends with. He has so many friends, and just about all of them have made fun of me at one point or another. We have just started to talk, but it was in health class and it was about masturbation because I said a really funny joke about the subject, he calls me out for it though just to make jokes out of my joke. And also he has a girlfriend, or had I'm not really sure they're pretty on and off but he's not the one to break it off, because he's so loyal to her and whenever they're dating she's super possessive, and when they're not it's like she doesn't even know him, and I'm afraid if I ask him he'll just assume that I like him, if I ask her if they're dating she'll freak because it's happened before, if not she'll laugh at my face and think that I like him and tell EVERYONE, and if I ask my friends they'll laugh because I'm known as the dumbass in my group because I know no tea, if I ask anyone they'll tell him , because he's friends with mostly everybody. What the freak.

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  • Who cares if he's dating her or not? Why do you need to ask anybody? You're not interested in dating him, so it's irrelevant lol. Just ask him to hang out sometime if you wanna be his friend. Invite him to a group event with other friends.

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