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I'm doing keto does it really matter where the food goes in the categories? or does it just matter that I log them ? also does this work ?

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  • what are you talking about with loging and categories ? and what it works in doing is making your body use fat as fuel instead og glucose , that doesn't mean it makes you lose weight, thats a stupid way to think about calories. for loss you need to be at a deficit.

  • Don't do keto. It's fucking stupid, just like all these other fad diets. It'll make you lose weight, yeah, but you'll put it all right back on as soon as the diet ends- and it WILL end, because it has to. Keto is not a sustainable diet. You essentially starve yourself to burn off fat. If you want to lose weight, focus on making permanent improvements to your diet: eat healthier food. Eat smaller portions. Eat at frequent, consistent intervals. Maybe even talk to a doctor to work out a plan and discuss workouts that will help you. Fad diets won't help long term.

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