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I had along day. Woke up around 2pm dope sick as fuck. my dealer is out of heroin. So that led me to take a piece of a Suboxone. An hour later I began to feel better, as I do I realize I hate being sober, so I got a half g of some coke. My first shot was way too much. damn near fell over in the stall at work. I continued taking shots through my shift. each time my heart was like WTF. I tend to just keep going until what I have is gone. so I finish out my shift pretty fucked by the time it's over, I don't wanna go home and deal with the family! I'm geeked, so I call everybody who is cool enough to maybe let me chill kick it for a bit until I compose myself. nothing, nobody answers, it is 140 am at this point so I went to the bar, saw a few buddies and finally get a text saying come thru. it's from when I was trying to get coke earlier, so I did. I figured fuck it, so I go meet him and he has crack and ecstacy as well. shit. I've never had a huge problem with it but crack is a lot of fun. so I get a 20 and one of the beans as well. he says they have heroin or something in them so I'll try it. long story short, if I had gotten my heroin, I would have saved a fair amount of money.

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  • What are you running from? What would it take in life to make this stuff something you can forget? You're gonna get some bad fentanyl and die one day at this rate.

  • Fucking addicts... get some help, dude. You're on a fast track to fucking nowhere if you stay on this path.

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