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I heard about minimalomism the first time a few years back and thought that it was the thing for me. I grew up in a really cluttered home and always had border tendencies. I felt a lot better when I thought I was becoming a really organized person who only ones treasured items. I took a lot of proud in it. Not because I think it's some sort of big achievement to be a minimalist, but because I was proud of having a goal and a philosophy and actually following through with it. But now I moved, for the first time ever, into a smaller place than before and noticed that I have a lot of stuff. A lot. So many things that the boxes literally didn't fit into the new apartment. And I feel a little bad now because I realized that I didn't achieve as much as I thought I had, because I still have border tendencies and because I'm ashamed for telling everyone about how good it feels to be a minimalist all the time and now seeing that I never was.

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  • Just because your stuff doesn't fit into your new place doesn't mean you're not a minimalist. Minimalism is about fitting into your space. You still followed through with your goal. And if you treasure all of your items and they're all important to you and bring you joy, don't be ashamed of what you own. You still got rid of a lot. Don't feel bad.

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