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I fell inlove with a gay guy for almost 2 years, who later became my bestfriend, he knew though, but he has a bf, he had gf’s before. I thought I’ll never get over him, and now I am flirting with a straight guy who is flirting me back, and my bestfriend, doesn’t like him for me. What shall I do?

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  • I'd ask WHY he doesn't like him for you, but you gotta know it's your life. Maybe he's wrong about what you need in life?

  • Have you asked your friend WHY he doesn't like him? My boyfriend's gay best friend didn't like his old girlfriend and people assumed it wss because he was,in love with him himself. Really it was because the woman called him slurs and gloated about setting a gay guy's car on fire. Said he should 'be careful' where he parked.

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