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Ladies, can we talk for a sec? Especially the ones in their 20s..... Why do y'all keep enabling bad behaviors in men?? You make these dudes believe that what they do is okay and then expect other women to be okay with that bullcrap?! Especially you Taurus , cancer and Pisces women. Like cut that shit out and be a real woman!! No it's not ok for men to fuck around and you be faithful to him. No it's not okay or sexy when he curses you out and disrespects you. We are queens and we deserve to be treated as such. Don't have these boys thinking being that way is cute. Trust me, we women have more power than we think. If we push our guys to be real men, we can and trust me, they'll appreciate it. I've seen it. Why do you think single men in their late 20s, 30s still act like boys? Because they don't have a woman to put them in their place. Same can be said about guys who date immature girls. The majority of these men are garbage and we allow these dudes to get away with their fuckery. I was talking to a dude and his mfer had the nerve to say that he's poly and he can't help his urges and can't be with just one woman but his "women" are like his property and he's very possessive. And it's because he was in a 3 way relationship where these thots allowed this. He told me he never can go back to anything else again. So good job ladies on enabling shitty ass behavior in men. Stop being a slave to them. Stop thinking that it's okay for them to treat you bad but you still have to clean up after him, cook for him and put up with his fuckery while he does NOTHING for you. Fuck that. If you stood up to it, trust me it will make him think twice. But once you allow it, they get addicted to that and go around thinking all women will be okay with that and most are, but us queens, us REAL women.. Know our worth and value and would never settle for that kind of garbage. So think long and hard before you let a man get away with everything and think what benefit does that have? Oh you don't wanna end up alone? Honey, there are more men than women in the world. Pick and choose. Stop letting these fuckboys put in your head that your worth is nothing. And another thing.. Stop letting men Pin us against each other. Stop that jealous shit and support your fellow females cuz y'all know damn well we go through too much. Life is very unfair to us.

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