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I suggested that we build a cat patio at home so our cats would be safe from woodland animals and whatnot and also not kill birds. My father just laughed at me. He also said it'd be impossible for adult cats to get used to it. I don't think it would be! Sure it might be difficult, but not impossible. My dad never listens to me when it comes to our cats! He thinks he knows everything about them just because he grew up having farm cats. He's never even read books on them like I have done.

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  • How dense are you? If you have read even a doctor Seuss book about cats you would know that every cat kills. They still have lots of wild in them that when they are hungry they will kill for it. If you let your cat be a cat and let it outside more often they won't get ate by "woodland creatures", the cat would kill it be for it could kill. Your dad laughed at you because he just realized his boy is becoming a sissy. Stop getting your "reading material" from random people dot net. City kid, doesnt know much about living.

  • My parents are like that too. They think that just because they've owned animals, they know everything about them, as if they couldn't possibly have done anything wrong to them. Adult cats can adjust to catios just fine. My cat was 'feral' (found him on the street, had to keep him outdoors) for 4 years, and I just made him an indoor cat. He can't roam the whole house, but he's got free roam of the basement, and he's adjusting very well. I have a harness and leash for him so I can take him outside sometimes. He's doing great indoors. Cats don't like change, but they can handle it as long as you know how to help them adjust.

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