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I'm worried about my son. He's not showing any drive. He's 7 and he just doesn't want to try. His little sister is eager to learn. Reading, gymnastics, skateboarding, everything. My won just can't seem to be made to bother. It reminds me of the worst parts of myself. Like his fear of failure has become a fear of trying. Kids who aren't as smart as him are surpassing him and I don't want him to waste his youth like I did.

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  • He's only seven, so I wouldn't stress it. He's got plenty of time to change his attitude.

  • My little brother is like that, he's almost 15. He's so brilliant and has so much potential, but he just wastes it because he doesn't want to try. We've tried everything to make him care, nothing gets through to him. I've just kind of had to accept that sooner or later he'll figure it out on his own.

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