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People bore me and annoy me and yet I miss having friends. Never had a gf either btw. I'm just that bad when it comes to social interaction. When I get bored of people telling me shit that I don't care or to put me down I bottle up. It doesn't take much time to lash out at people because I'm so angry of being alone and dispised.

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  • Humans are social creatures, we need interaction. And to get better at interacting, you have to just do it. Also maybe learn a bit of compassion? Just because you don't care about what someone is talking about doesn't mean they don't care. I once listened to a guy lecture me on astrophysics- even though I really don't care much about it- just because it made him so happy to talk about, his eyes lit up and he had this huge smile on his face. I listen to little kids tell me about their favorite characters on TV or the toy that they really want for Christmas. They see these things as important enough to tell me, so I see it as important enough to listen. If you want to be heard, you have to listen. Interaction is give and take. It can't be about you you you all the time. Treat people with kindess and respect and they will do the same.

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