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Sorry for my english, but it's not my mother tongue. So where do I start ? I'm thinking that it is a shame that I confess something about me in the internet, but there is no one who I could speak with about my current situation. I am a 18 years old girl, my mother is about to get divorced from my abusive father, since she speak poorly german, I have to organize everthing. We have so many problems and my asshole father refuses to pay money for us ( his 3 children) and he makes our life even worse with his insults. He doesn't want to leave us alone. My mother always treated him so well and just insulted her, he didn't her but he did hit us children. My life is just terrible now, we have so many problems and I just don't know how to solve them. Everytime I see a way out of this shit, my asshole father does something which brings us back to the beginning. I hate him so much, In don't care if someone says "He's your fahter, you have to love him", but no !!! I hate this piece of sh*t, he is a f*cking bastard, he is the reason why I am so f*cked up and my whole family, I know it's selfish to say that it seems like nobody else as me has such problems, but all of my friends are happy with their families, I am the only one in my peer group who has those problems. I know I am just whining and thus makes me a loser, but I am not a loser, I will find a way out of this sh*t !!

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  • Stay strong, you can do it!

  • Stay strong, you can do it!

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