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I used to have the best possible best friend. We fell for the same guy but both forgot about it because a boy is not worthy of destroying us. Neither of us had a caring/loving mother so we connected great. We did anything and everything possible to make eachother happy. But one day she came and said she was pregnant. I said it's gonna be okay and I'll support her. She smiled and thanked me and said she would leave the next day to live with her boyfriend. I was shocked, so shocked I couldn't even cry and I just said to myself forget about it. I did. The next day I went to invite her out but her mother angrily yelled that she doesn't live there anymore. I remembered and went to the balcony we used yo hang out on. I felt so betrayed and hurt and sat on the ledge. I was ready to jump but the voice in my head said stop. So I fell down back onto the balcony and cried myself to sleep at the 14th level. I've never trusted anybody since then and have no friends anymore.

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  • weak..

  • Don't do it, I believe it'll get better. Maybe people betray your trust, but you must stay strong, count what you have. I believe u can get out from that :)

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