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I play cricket. My dad started my love for the game since 5 years ago. He was a coach. He lost his driving licence last year, and he doesn't have a job now. He was supposed to be my number one supporter, but now he is my number one hater. I played like crap in a match yesterday (Sunday.) I am a well known player in the club. I usually don't play for the club I played for yesterday, since I am part of another more official club, and I play in girls matches. (because I am a girl, lol.) Keep in mind that I am still a kid, so obviously I can't do everything right. My dad was umpiring, so that meant he could insult me as much as he wanted. I was playing in a boy's match, but they were young. He was like "You are an idiot" "You don't even know how to play" "You are useless" and more disgusting things. I had lost much of my self-confidence because of him. I told him today after school that I will try harder, and he just went on another stupid rant. He told me that he will no longer help me in cricket and he assumes that I have no interest in the game. NO INTEREST IN THE GAME? Most stupid accusation I ever heard. I love the game, and I told my parents last year that I wanted to take it seriously. So how can he say that? Ugh, I realise this confession is taking a lot of space. Anyway, I love the game, and I hope I can play my best in the future, so he regrets what he said to me. I still have some issues with self confidence, but I am getting stronger and stronger :)

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  • don't let him get to u

  • Ignore him. He's just butthurt that he lost his job. Maybe he shouldn't have been an idiot and lost his license. Follow your dreams.

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