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I've only met one American in my life and he was a self entitled, arrogant piece of shit. Always putting down my country and its culture, talking shit about European metal, saying it was either gay or silly compared to American bands. He also believed with a burning passion that no one in my group of friends knew what good music, films or TV shows were before he came around which is a total lie. He makes money by baiting naive friends of mine to spend money at his shop. Being his friend is expensive. Really what kind of person you have be to live by exploiting people around you? Fuck I'm done writing this confession, I can't let the hate consume me.

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  • America varies wildly by region. My wife came here from LA and thought Americans must be evil. She came to the Midwest and found we are more like Mayberry on Andy Griffith. Sorry about the dillhole. He's probably one of those guys we resent here too. I love Euro-Metal. My favorite hardcore band was the Refused.

  • Ugh, I'm sorry he's your only experience with Americans. While it's true we, as a nation, are dumb and arrogant, I promise we're not all like that :/ But he's not a friend, my dude. Cut him out of your life.

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