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6 months ago my (now ex obviously) broke up with me. we weren't perfect, but who can really say they are right? her mother never liked me, i always felt that, she made numerous attempts to brek us up, and in the end she seemed to have gotten her wish, i feel that her mother exploited her at the moment she was easily manipulated. we were together for nearly 3 years, and when she left i completly broke down, spiraling back into depression for the second time in my life. i get regular check ups at the doctor every 5-6 months due to medical issues, i went shortly after we broke up and just this week. my doctor looked frightend when i walked in. she told me i looked terrible, she felt the need to do some extra tests. the past month or two i felt i was doing better. that was a lie i told everyone at least, one i told so i well i started believing it. deep down i knew i wasn't alright, and my doc just went on to prove it. my immume system hasn't been working propperly, i have high blood pressure, my eyes are damaged and my kidney's are failing. if my health doesn't get better in the next 2 months i'll need to taken to the hospital and stay there for a longer period of time. i don't know what to do anymore, i want to be left alone and just fade away and at the same time i want everyone i know and love to surround me and tell me it will be alright.

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  • Men are meant to be strong. Your body is responding to how you're feeling and your depression. I know this sounds really dumb and impossible but: man up! You can get her back in a few weeks if you play your cards right. Get yourself back on your feet! You're a man and men don't break down! A broken man can't get the girl. Start reading into the problems: heart problems? Read about what foods you need to lower blood pressure; workout to regulate bloodflow and blood pressure; MEDITATE (sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and start thinking about how you will solve everything) The body and the mind can be repaired on your own! If that wasn't possible then humanity wouldn't have prospered so much and so many people would require medical attention; yet there are many that say that natural remedies work! The placebo effect works! (people curing themselves because they believed they were being given medicine!) Back on track! Pull yourself together; there is NOBODY there than can pull you back up! Even if there is someone there than can help you pass through this then you will get the idea that you need someone to pull you through. Yes, it's good to have someone around to help but not someone to do 60% of the work for you! Start by breathing in deeply and set your plan. Get healthy again and then talk to her! Tell her that you want her back and that you don't care about her mom! Tell her mom that she should mind her own life and not her daughter's life! You ain't a drug dealer or an organ dealer (sorry, English isn't my main) so she should cut you some slack! Don't be rude when you tell her that, just be calm and concise. Then grab her hand and take her to another room/ out for a walk/ etc. You can do it trust me!

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