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I hate social media sometimes. Random guys always texts me and hit on me all the time. Most just wanna have sex with me. It's like wtf, like how do they find me online? I'm private and I don't post slutty pictures. I keep receiving messages from guys all the time and I just want these people to leave me alone. I don't text back, I just delete them but then I still keep on receiving so many messages from guys. Like why me? There's like way more prettier girls out there and also many of them wanted attention. I don't like that attention. And like I'm into real relationship where guys asks for a date and real relationships. Like as if everyone nowadays just wanna have sex. Nobody is committed anymore like our old folks.

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  • I think there's a setting to not get messages from people who don't follow you or something. Also, some of them go fishing for girls in comment sections, so if you frequently comment on some public posts, maybe stop doing this for a while and see how it turns out, delete old comments. I recently unfollowed a ton of sites that I wasn't too interested in anymore and the spam in my inbox got way lower, so maybe try that if you can?

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