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People are always talking about sex, about all the crazy places they had it, stories with one night stands, ex girlfriends standing in their doorway in lingerie. And I wouldn't mind, if I was normal. If my life was also full of lust and sexual stories. But it isn't, because I'm not normal. I don't want sex as much as normal people do. I'm not completely asexual though - if I was, this would probably be easier for me, but the way it is, I still want it enough to be so, so jealous and envious when I hear my friends talking about it. For me, sex is like the most delicious cake, right in front of your nose - but you have the stomach flu and simply can't eat anything. You want to want it, because you know what you're missing out on, but just don't want it. And the worst thing is that all my relationships eventually fail because of this, which makes it even more painful to listen to all the wild stories.

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  • My way round it is getting with someone 20 years older, who's really hot, but can't get it up without viagra. Waking up with someone's arms round you who you love is the best bit about intimacy anyway.

  • If you mentally want to have sex and physically can't get the urge, you might have problems with your hormones. I'm demisexual and have a lot of ace friends, and I've never really heard it described this way. (But just because I don't know about it doesn't make it invalid if it really is just being some kind of greysexual!) But also keep in mind that the wild stories... are just that. Wild. They're not normal, that's not normal. Sex is cool and all but it's not really that amazing. You're not missing out on much that you can't recreate on your own with toys.

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