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i know by saying this it makes me a shitty person but i truly TRULY hate my 4yr old nephew with a passion. He's a different kind of annoying and i pray to god he doesnt grow up just like the person he is currently. He's only 4 but his personality is clear, he likes things to go his way, he wont respond or reply back unless if he feels like it, doesnt listen for shit, acts out the biggest tantrums ever and is constantly harassing his little brother. The thing is, it's not even about his parent's parenting at this point, my other nephew turned out the complete opposite, he's the sweetest and nicest kid around it's just his older brother that has issues. He's been like this ever since he was a baby. Even his shrilling voice and stuck up face annoys me now. Im a shitty person that has nothing better to do than to hate a 4yr old but thats why im here and not bitchin about it to other ppl. I mean who knows, things might change when he's older but i cant help but think he might grow up to be a drug addict and homeless by the time hes 17 lol I'll stfu now

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  • You're absolutely not a shitty person for thinking like this. I agree with the first comment, if he is the only one being like that then there are very probably some things going on that need to be changed. I hope you have a good relationship with the parents and can talk to them about it. (I wouldn't start the conversation with "hey your kid's an asshole" though.) I knew some kids growing up who were awful, but then changed their friends or teachers and became a lot nicer. A lot of kids also have ADHD or some other mental disorders that make them imbalanced.

  • It's nice to know that other people feel like this about certain kids/people. I don't feel guilty and I'm glad you shared this. Thank you X

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