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Fuck. I just got my first credit card, and the second payment is already a day late. I've just had to pay a late fee and now my interest rates have skyrocketed. I misread the date and thought it was due today, but it was due yesterday. I didn't think bills could be due on Sundays because banks don't operate on Sundays. And I'm so forgetful I forgot that the due date was even coming up. I hate myself so much right now for fucking this up. I had ZERO interest on this card until now. Fuck. Why can't I do anything right? This is why I'm a good for nothing loser who still lives with my mom at 23. Fuck me.

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  • So you're a 23 year old who lives with their parents and made a financial mistake? Congratulations, you're the most average person on earth. No but seriously, most people move out at some point in their 20s, and almost everyone will make a mistake with money at least once in their youth. One missed payment is one of the harmless ones. The people who really fuck up are those who ignore their payments until they're in 6 digit debt and can't be happy for the rest of their lives. You're fine, you're doing great, go at your own pace. Learn from mistakes. Ask for help. Nobody else your age has life all figured out either, no matter how much they tell you that they have.

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