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call me two faced or whatever but i feel like i constantly change myself/my personality on different people. i have a group of friends who aren't the brightest so i dumb myself down to fit in, i wont talk like this instead i'll use the word 'like' like in every fucking sentences like always like this and i'll like, curse alot too . i have another friend that's really quiet but instead of fitting in, i'd be the loudest and the most outgoing person in their world. honestly there's a hundred different versions of me out there and i'm scared because i don't even know who i am no more

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  • Don't worry about that. It's normal or at least not uncommon. Don't see it so much as "I am a different person depending on who I'm with", and rather more as "different people bring out different aspects of my personality". Because that's mostly what's happening. From what I've witnessed, other people don't notice it as much as you think. You're still a unique person. You're still you.

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