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Yesterday, I went to work while my boyfriend had the day off. I came home and saw he had his khakis and button up shirt on the bed as if it had been worn. He was in the next room play video games. I walked to the door and said that I saw his nice clothes on the bed, why did he dress up today? He said he felt like putting something on. That was all he said and I didn't ask anymore questions. I went back into the bedroom and placed his clothes on a chair next to the bed. My mind began to wonder why he dressed up, because I rarely see him outside of his T-shirt and jeans. My first thought was, you guessed it, he's cheating on me. My second thought was that he went on an interview, or looking for another job. Then I had a random thought. What if he dressed up to look for an engagement ring. We had been together for a year this month. The idea of him looking for a ring made me nervous, and not in a good way. I feel like we are no where near ready to get married/engaged because we cannot keep our finances in order, and on occasion we have had arguments about that. Finances and other situations has caused friction in our relationship. For some reason the thought of him cheating made me feel better than him looking/purchasing an engagement ring. Looking for an different job would ideal. After reviewing my thoughts, I realized I need to really re evaluate my attachment\ detachment in this relationship.

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  • Honestly it sounds like you need to sit down and talk to him and figure out what you both want for the future.

  • I think you really have to because the idea of someone dressing up to buy an engagement ring is so ridiculous that it's truly worrying that it was one of the first things on your mind

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