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Male 23, still a virgin. The only time, I've been with a girl in bed with the intent of having sex, didn't end with sex cause i was nervous and while making out i wasn't aroused so i stopped. She was a good friend, and it didn't ruin our relationship. Never mentioned it, she just implied once that i don't know shit about girls. Last time i got close to getting a girl to bed, she left me with blue balls. Im pretty attractive so girls do come my way, but to make it all the way to the real thing seems impossible. Not sure if it's even worth it, it's just human instincts.

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  • Hey my boyfriend was 23 and never even KISSED a girl. Never had a girlfriend before me, much less had sex. You'll find someone, man. And she'll appreciate you for who you are. Sex isn't that important, don't worry about it. When you find the right partner, you guys will figure it out together.

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