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I'm sexually attracted to my adopted sister. first night she was here I jerked off to her sleeping. since we have the same room. I tell her how sexy she is. she just laughs I know it's wrong. but damn I really want to bust a nut in her. she caught me smelling her underwear. she knows I'm in love with her.

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  • That's not love, you lust after her, that's all. I'm not gonna shame you or anything. Lust is part of the human experience. But watch out: that can be used for hurting other people. And hurting others is what I'm against.

  • i think that is not Love... You just have a sexual attraction towards her in short you want to fuck her. and smelling a girls panties is wierd AF, if you're saying that ur inlove with her does yo father smell ur mom's underwear?

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