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I believe that it is very natural and deeply rooted in our genes that we're racist and homophobic. Not per se, but humans are afraid of unknown and "unnormal" (meaning it as "what you usually don't see", not as a synonym for "bad") things. I believe that if we would acknowledge this instead of viewing everyone who is expressing some form of racism or homophobia as the devil, a lot more people would become more open minded. I mean, what's more likely to convince you into changing your opinion? "You're an uneducated piece of trash!" Or "your fears are natural and your prejudices are simply ancient reactions of your brain, but you don't have to listen to that outdated side of yourself. Here are reasons to show that you don't have to be hateful." Most people I've personally met who were against gay marriage or refused to treat immigrants as humans were actually quite insightful when I calmly talked to them instead of getting angry.

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  • ''racism'' is new-speak, it's a attempt at twisting language to then manipulate how we perceive and articulate our actual feelings. everyone is racist, that's why accusing people of racism and bigotry is so effective, it's because it's always true, unless you are completely self destructive martir who commits suicide as soon as possible to rid the world of your unholy racist human-ness. basically if you adopted new-speech you already lost, also you already lost at ''well i have to be in the good side which means i can't be a rAcIsM'' means you already restricted your ability to think freely beyond repair because now you applied barriers to your thought.

  • Well the fact is that they ARE uneducated. And you're right, the greatest fear is that of the unknown. They don't know about it. But at this point most of the openly racist/-phobic/sexist people have been told the facts calmly, and they just don't care. They're too stubborn and prideful to admit that they're wrong. And that's why people like me get mad. I always try to give them the benefit of the doubt at first, but they never want to listen. It's their way or the highway. So I stopped trying. I don't yell at them anymore either, I just avoid them entirely and hate them quietly from a distance. Their behavior is unacceptable.

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