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I physically feel like shit at almost all times. I get sick a lot, just regular colds but they are worse for me as for most people (take longer, hit harder). When I'm not sick, I often feel like I'm slowly dying from some mysterious disease, just weak and somehow "wrong", I can barely explain it. I've been tested for more or less everything, and according to the test results, I'm almost as healthy as you can get. The thing is, I don't have any specific, horrible symptoms. I don't black out, I am not too weak to function. Just ALMOST too weak. So most doctors have given up on me and assume I'm either faking it or overreacting. I can't afford alternative medicine or private clinics that actually try to cure you, and as much as all of this sucks, I'm not willing to get financial problems on top of it just to be rejected again. (In case you wonder: I've tried diet changes, exercise changes, got tested for hormones, tried taking and not taking meds. I refuse to blame it on "psychological issues" because I don't have any.)

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  • Firstly- if you haven't been evaluated by a professional, don't rule out mental issues. You are biased and probably won't be able to see anything wrong with yourself. Secondly- some people just have weaker immune systems. If you take vitamins and eat healthy and exercise and you still feel like garbage, and you don't have a thyroid issue or celiac disease or another issue that can cause this, you might just be one of those people with a weak immune system.

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