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my sister choose the last dog and she choose a sick old dog who smelled but ok i was promised i could choose the next dog, i already had found him my mom just told me to wait a week, he was on the street suffering in winter, but i wait, but it was a lie, it wasn't for me to wait, it was for my sister to bring a dog she chose instead.. and she didn't tell us its a pittbull, like the real thing, those with the big ass head and aggressive asf.. also no one here knows how to properly train dogs or raise them, that's why i had choose my good friend from the street because he was chill, but my sister doesnt know dogs have personality and temperement, she just choose one that looks coolest for her instagram, and that really broke my heart for some reason , for months now. the fact that we dont know how to raise it, the fact pitbulls are dangerous, the fact she destroyed my dream, the fact they plotted to trick me, the fact the dog i had choose now suffers on the street, i had chose him because he said hi and was friendly.. i thought i would get over it because everyone was mean to me and told to not care, but this still upsets me so much inside, when i think about the dog that is on the street, and how they tricked me, today i kicked the sofa my sister was on when she was rude to me, my mom got out all stressed out and worried and angry at me. my sister is a huge loser who does nothing good with her life, but she invests whatever little energy she has to try to sabotage other people, my other sister, my dad , me and my mom, she is self destructive narcissist and just wants to make everyone around suffer, it's just so toxic and pathetic, this worm of a person needs to just go away and stop causing pain, ever since i was born shes been causing pain. i want her to go away

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  • your whole family sounds kind of messed up :/ why can't you just have your own dog?

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