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I'm afraid of my future~I don't even know what course will I choose in college right now... Wanted to take fine arts but my mom say it's useless and said it's a waste of time then i told them my second choice and that is anything that is connected to computer... Again they disagree, cause computer work is in companies and mostly they are in capital city of my country which is very far... They wanted me to choose education and to be a teacher~that doesn't suit me at all... What do you think?? should i go with fine arts, "anything connected to computer" or i should just follow what my parents wanted me to choose?

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  • Do the one you actually want to, when it comes to achieving success that's basically the most important or even the only rule. you'll never be successful in a job you don't like because you wont be motivated to achieve, think outside the box, or improve

  • Go with what you want. Doing what makes you happy is what they'll want for you in the end. They're just worried about your financial stability but they can't know the future of what kind of jobs you'll find. Follow your passions. Doing what everyone else wants can lead to major resentments and unhappiness.

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