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i have a serious problem theres something that.... i do because im lonely and none wants to be with me and i can't believe im saying this on a public site but i need feedback on how to stop, its not drugs but i have actually stopped attending alot of my classes because i have the urge to ... yeah im so worried and ive been thinking of committing suicide, it'll all go away everything everyone becuase honestly i don't think my life is going anywhere help me?

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  • Grow up. Go to classes. Graduate before you get back to dating

  • When you look through this site, there's so many people with life problems, but even more people who comment and share their experience. People who were on the very bottom and managed to get out. Suicide is never a good option. Give yourself one month, try doing something completely different, be another person, just be an actor, do the activities that you think your character would do. Avoid as much as you can sitting at home alone. Force yourself to go out (at least for a walk) EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Weather or runny nose is not an excuse. Seriously, it's your life, you breathe, it's something amazing! You can do so many things, you decide who you are and what you do! You're young, you're healthy, take the advantage of that, fight for yourself, because you're a beautiful person and you're worth it! And if you have problems with stopping the thing that you do, get help from professionals. Psychologist will listen to you, help you and figure out the way to get out of the dark hole that you've fallen into. Take care!!!

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