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I enjoyed having sex with my ex girlfriend. she was very skinny flat chested. she did have for kids but I over looked that. when she took nude selfies she looked like she was 14. I enjoyed being with her kissingv her an rubbing her pussy in public looked so wrong. when I took her clothes shopping she would but clothes for kids or teens. she was short an skinny.

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  • I don't think you're a pedophile. I think you have a particular body type you are attracted to. I I have a friend who is only attracted to big curvy thick women. I have other friends that like small petite girls. and still a couple of friends that have affairs with girls 20 years younger than them. who knows why we're attracted to different body types and different personalities. however dating someone who is slender or skinny and has a baby face or preteen features does not make you a pedophile

  • so what ur saying is. you're a pedophile and like kids. but you went a legal way and picked someone who was of age but looked like a kid?

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