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A guy who i felt had loved me, he made me feel so special about myself and my beliefs he acted like he respected my feelings on pre marital sex and that i don't think it's right and when he came onto me one night i told him no and i said that if he thought the relationship was going somewhere he needs to respect my beliefs and suddenly our relationship went stale and a few weeks later, he proposed. I FELT so special and i said yes, we eloped and on the night we got married he tied my arms behind me and told me he likes it that way and i told him to untie me, i felt so weak, i couldnt use my arms but he said NO and screamed, ive waited a long time for this bitch" an d i think you know what happend next. now I'm married to a man who rapes me im so scared. i so so scared .

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  • get out. if you don't want it then you don't deserve to be treated like that

  • tell someone u trust and get the police

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