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I get extremely annoyed when people with English as their native language does not bother with using the correct grammar. English is not my first language and if I by accident makes a small misspelling etc. people will make fun of it. I do my absolute best, practicing and improving my English every chance I get. But if someone gets offended that my English is not as brilliant as a native speaker, I get really annoyed. People cannot expect that EVERYBODY speaks perfect English, most people learn it later in life, and is doing their very best to make themselves understood by the majority of the internet users. It would be most appreciated if the (necessary) grammar-nazis would keep that in mind when they get a kick out of making fun of people still learning. (: Thank you in advance.

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  • A non-native here lending a helping hand: ".......when people with English as their native language DO not bother", ".....and if I, by accident, MAKE a small....", "people cannot expect everybody to speak perfect English", "....most people learn it later in life and ARE doing their very best.....". I don`t consider myself a Grammar Nazi, as I don`t snap everytime I see mistakes. I`m correcting you so you can see where you were wrong and learn from the experience. In my opinion bilingual people that make mistakes with the second language rank higher than people who perfectly know only one language.

  • Grammar Nazi here, albeit young. Grammer Nazi's can often tell if people are non-English natives, and will often be more lenient offering guidance rather than annoying, harsh critique. I for one offer kind help to non-natives as I know some English/Americans often have awful SPaG. Keep your head up, for a non native, your english is phenomenal.

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