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I'm currently playing around with 2 of my friends with some romantic interest. They are both aware of it and both said they were alright with it, at least until either relationship gets more serious. What they don't know is that there is a third person who I used to have a mostly sexual relationship with that I'm starting to see again with the idea of resuming our previous relationship. I want to note I have no romantic interest on this third person. Honestly speaking, I believe my ideal would be to be with all three of them and somehow make it work with everyone being happy. But I'm not so sure how to make that happen nor if something like that can ever work.

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  • have a group with them and have all your holes stuffed!

  • Slowly let everyone know you believe you would enjoy or even prefer "open" relationships. I have limited experience with this and two close friends who have open relationships. we each have our long term partners but occasionally have other meaningful long term relationships. Mine situation is less obvious but my two friends have 100% open relationships.

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