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I work at the telemarketing department for Honda Motorcars in my country. I just had to call on a customer to talk about maintenance on her car. The customer's husband answered the call. He told me his wife (the car owner) was at work. But I asked if he could speak to me about the car. He told me yes, and we talked a little. His voice was so charming! I got myself all wet just by listening to his voice on the phone! I was so horny I did the unthinkable. I asked if I could add his contact to the "owner's profile", and he gave me his number. I'm about to call him off work hours. I want to hear him say my name with his sweet voice while I ride him so bad! Oh my god I can't believe I'm about to do this!

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  • now that's hot!! were u even a little bit wet before u spoke to him or did that voice get u going? its just so sexy how those feelings can hit u anywhere anytime ..love that!!

  • you made me hard as well!so i shall be nice to girls then calling from customer services! who can say this is not to happen !

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