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I've had a wifes friend come onto me and it's been tempting me ever since shes not even cute but my wife and I have been distant lately and it's hard sometimes i need someone to be my conscience

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  • Maybe her friend doesn't even want to have an affair and is she just playing you to see if you will be tempted or not... that's happening a lot nowdays

  • No no no what the hell are these comments?! You should NOT get involved with her! How would you feel if your wife started seeing someone (let alone your friend for God's sake) behind your back? If you want to see this girl, you should go through your divorce first. If you really think that's worth it, ask for a divorce. But I can tell you now, it isn't. You should never get divorced/seperated because of a third person. You should get divorced/seperate purely because you don't love that person anymore, not because the grass is greener on the other side. It really isn't. Sorry for the rant but PLEASE do not be like this... It will break your wife forever..

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