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The funniest thing happened today. So my friend, Mr. Sharp, and I were chatting at work about people who look way younger than they are. So one girl in particular came up in the conversation, and he made some comment about how she had some Asian genes and that probably contributes to her youthful appearance. So I said "I don't really have any room to judge, I look way younger than I am too." And he says "Do you have a little Asian in you too?" I laughed and said no. And he said "What about Sharp? You got a little Sharp in you?" And I laughed again and said "Not that I know of." He gets this smirk and says "Would you like to?" I WAS WHEEZING haha it was so good. He admitted he took it from a movie, but damn it was fucking hilarious. We joke around with each other a lot so I'm not bothered by it. I do secretly have a crush on him though, so I'm embarrassed to say that I blushed when he said that. Ah it made my night haha I keep laughing about it.

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  • Awww your story and the way you tell it is really cute! I wish the both of you the best of lucks!

  • I think he secretly has a crush on you too

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