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I got my brain injured in my sport and i had some time to think and i realize this is all i know and love, i have nothing else to do and i will not ever have anything i dream of without my sport. i feel like i have no way out but to keep going and pay the price when i'm old or become mediocre and give up on everything i dreamed when i started this its because i wanted to have friends and be part of something, and because i was inspired by a hero of mine, but now i feel like no matter how much i'm trying it feels like i'm running but stuck in place. in the coming months i have to make the decision to go back to training, and i don't know what might happen, the doctors said i'm fine but i don't feel fine, i don't want to die or become sick, i just wanted to enjoy life more , i am just upset and somewhat traumatized, i think malevolence is the worse of all snakes because it upsets our soul. with what the doctors told me, i can't simply not go back, but also i feel like if i were touched in the face i would get concussed. idk how my hero does it, she got hurt so badly, and she went training quickly and is fighting soon. i wish i was more like her.

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  • Don't punish yourself for caring about your health. If the doctors said you're fine, you're probably fine, but brain trauma is really scary. It's up there with heart issues. It all seems much heavier and more serious than it really is. It's okay to take a break to make sure you're okay and ease back into it. Olympic athletes didn't get where they are by starting off benching 250 pounds. You have to take it slow, for your own health and safety. Instead of putting yourself down for not being like your hero, let her inspire you. Not everyone has the same experience in life. Some people are just more resilient. Think of her during your recovery and remind yourself that if she did it, so can you. Even if it takes you a little longer, you'll still get there. Remember, she's only human, just like you.

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