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I had gotten out of the shower and was still naked when someone knocked on the door. My fiance answered the door while I hid in the closet. It's been like 15 minutes and the people are apparently selling and testing a vacuum. Gtfo of my house, y'all! We're broke and we're not buying your vacuum. God bless my fiance's friendly nature towards people but for crap's sake, get out of my house! I've got to get ready for work and I don't want to interact with them. Every time I hear the girl do her closing spiel and the vacuum starts again I quietly lose my damn mind. We get it, it's a vacuum, we have one in the other closet. Get out. I think I've heard him say "no thank you" already and what I thought was the closing spiel three times already. Move on! Come on guys, seriously. I have to leave in 9 minutes and my plan to leave early is already shot. Gtfo of my freaking house. It's now been 30 minutes and I'm losing my temper. Wtf kinda sales pitch takes 30 god damn fucking minutes? I don't give a fuck about this fucking vacuum I just want to get ready for work in peace instead of hearing some stranger in my house. I sent my fiance a message asking him if they can leave so I don't have to interact with them but his phone must be in the other room.

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  • Ugh I hate that. I never let salespeople in my house for that reason.

  • just walk out naked. but the pussy still looks nice

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