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I want to learn dancing but i feel extremely intimidated about going to the school and i feel like no one would like me and they would be mean to me and that im dont fit in and i feel like i'm old also im 24 do you guys feel like that would happen i'm introverted but i try to smile a lot so ppl know its fine, because sometimes i feel like people think im scary or have a mean face. actually my family always tries to make me think that its one of the type of bullying that they do they really upset me a lot

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  • I'm a guy. I took ballroom dance lessons once a week for a year. the East coast swing, the West coast swing, the foxtrot, a couple of waltzs, the tango and 3 for others. I was awful but I did get better. I liked it. the mistake I made was not practicing at home and you can't get better or get good at it if you just go to the lessons. like a sport or hobby you've got to practice to get good

  • come to my home i will teach you how to dance!

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