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How can you love someone and then love someone else? Does all the first love go away? Does love ever go away anyway?

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  • Love never dies, but the "falling in love"-swift emotion, the excitement of a new relationship is often confused with love, that one can, and will, go away. One can love many and just because you love someone it doesn't mean you have to be together. I have a friend, an ex as well, who i love, but we should really not be together, for the benefit of both of us. That doesn't mean I love my current boyfriend any less. Love is an emotion, without a definite quantity, and just because you find out you love someone, it doesn't mean that it will take your love from someone else. The most beautiful about love, is that it is made, not distributed.

  • look at it from a pragmatic point of view , in general te partner you love is a physical and mental fit for your personality -> mating so in that case no love doesnt go away ... on the other hand if you look at it from a subjective point then yes "love" can go away in a sense that the feeling of excitement and joy fades away because you take the other person for granted

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