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I'm really not sure if I can keep it together this time. I have lost everything more than my share of times but ive always been able to bounce back and rebuild my life. this time feels different, it hurts ten times worse than any other time. I can't eat or sleep. I have never felt so hollow inside. I'm honestly afraid to be left alone but I can't expect my friends to sit with me 24/7 . I have never been afraid of my own thoughts. I try to ignore them bit at night when I'm alone I can't hide from them. I don't want to feel this any more

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  • it can happen, don't overwhelm yourself with comparing where you are to where you were, it can make the situation worse, for now, focus on very small steps and improving your day with small manageable actions

  • It will pass. I know how you feel, but I promise, nothing lasts forever, including this feeling you're suffering through. If you really feel that you're a danger to yourself, please get some help. Even just some grief counseling.

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