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Sorry, but I need to let my anger out for just a second....I hate the ok boomer joke. I'm not a boomer, I'm only 19, the fuck!? Why does every SJW wh*te boy (sorry for being racist) I meet thinks I'm a wh*te middle aged man!? Seriously, what's up with these retarded ass generation jokes!? I'm soo done with this world! And Jacob, the only Jacob I know, wherever your ass is at...FUCK YOU!! I HOPE YOU CHOKE ON A HORSE'S DICK YOU HORNY-ASS TROLL OF A TEENAGER!!!

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  • you are taking it too far , just dont worry about it .

  • It's not about your age, you fucking idiot, boomer is a state of mind. someone who is corny, awkward, unlikeable, and tactless.... aka someone like you

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