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My greatest regret is repeating my mistakes for second time and only realizing the second time. My regret is that I adopted a cat without thinking and followed my impulse instead. My mom never wanted another cat especially a black cat. My cat almost killed the new cat. Now I have to drag my boyfriend into this and her mom whether they can keep the cat or not. It's irresponsible of me I know. And it's all my fault. I'm mad becauae I keep making mistakes. And now I'm waiting until morning until I can tirn the cat back to the shelter. She's a nice cat but i can't keep her.

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  • People make mistakes. Don't beat yourself up over this. You can socialize the cats with each other, it'll just take some time and a lot of effort. I recommend watching Jackson Galaxy/My Cat From Hell to learn more about how to do it. If you absolutely cannot keep the cat, there is no shame in rehoming her. Don't ever feel bad for doing what is best for an animal and for yourself. That said, the important thing to take away from this experience is that buying an animal should always be a well-planned for and agreed upon event that involves everyone in the household. Animals aren't toys for us to entertain ourselves with, they're living things that we integrate into our families, and you have to make sure your family is okay with any new animal you want to bring in. However, if your mom just dislikes the cat because she's black... then your mom is the kind of idiot that I hate. There's nothing wrong with black cats, and there's no such thing as bad luck. The only downside to black cats is that you can't see them in the dark, and that can be fixed with a glow in the dark collar and tag with a bell. I have a black cat myself and he's the best cat I've ever known. Every black cat I've ever known has been sweet as sugar. So anyone who thinks they're 'bad cats' can kiss my ass. Anyway, sorry this got long. My point is that it's okay to make mistakes as long as you learn something from them and don't do it again.

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