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So I'm standing in the kitchen at 4 am, finishing a jar of Nutella with a spoon, and I feel the back of my top being lifted up. I turned around SO FAST but nothing was there. My husband is asleep and there's no one else in my house. After that it just felt like I was being watched. I almost didn't want to turn off the light to go to bed. I really considered leaving at least the light above the stove on just in case something was in there. I sped walked to bed while looking over my shoulder and I still can't sleep. I tried to recreate it. Maybe my shirt caught on the fridge door or drawer handle but I couldn't get it to catch the same way. It felt like someone held it up. Like someone lifted my shirt to see if I'm wearing shorts. I'm not crazy, it just feels like a perverted ghost was in my kitchen. I should be sleeping but now I can't.

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  • If it is a spirit, tell it that it is making you uncomfortable and it is not welcome in your house. You have to allow spirits in your space and will generally leave once asked.

  • I wish my girlfriend walked around in only a shirt, or even with shorts on. I love ass and legs, but she's always cold, and isn't feminine, so she usually wears pjs, sweats or jeans.😂 Anyway, hope you're able to forget about it.

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