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Random thing to confess I guess, but I kinda just want to tell somebody: I have the sudden urge to go buy some white Vans and customize them with paint and Sharpies. I've been wanting custom art shoes for YEARS and now that I have money to get supplies, I see no reason not to. Except... people might see my shoes as childish or immature if I draw all over them. And part of me doesn't care, but a big part of me honestly does care. Should I even bother to make these shoes, or am I gonna get so much negative feedback on them that I won't want to wear them and I'll have wasted all that money?

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  • do what you want. if its something you want dont let anyone tell u to do otherwise. also try not to care about what people think, people will always judge you and sometimes for the wrong reasons. most important thing is that ur happy and doing what you love. sometimes the journy is important also, youll have a pair of shoes youve customized and made it urs with ur own personal touch. no matter what anyone says they cant take that away from you. good luck and honestly go for it and just enjoy the process

  • you should do what you want , if it makes you happy and you really want to do it just do it .

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