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I want someone to push me over the line. I want someone to bring to to the point of no return. I walk around, do my job and smile at everyone but deep down, my blood boils and a sleeping dragon lies in wait to be awoken. I dont want to but DEEEP down I want to. to just let go and mercilessly beat someone's ass. let go of all this pent up rage and agression and fuck some bloke up who pushed me to the edge. I barely got to let go with my GF who thought it was a good idea to keep testing me despite my warnings. we had a big fight and she was getting aggressive with me. I told her "you get one free hit." and boy she used it. Weak. Pathetic. I take shits that hurt worse. after that I told her "you wont get another chance to hit me again." she tried. and I put her on her ass. I didnt hit her back, I try not to lay hands against females. but I didnt let her hit me again. and FUCK it felt so good to unwind a bit. dare I say it was borderline orgasmic? she kept trying to hit me and I kept putting her down and restraining her. But i felt it. deep inside. that urge to fight back. to lay into her face. to take in the sight of blood dripping from her mangled face, i was teetering on the cliffside. granted she started the entire argument and when I restrained her from punching me, she threatened to call the cops on ME. but I digress.

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  • Listen... I used to feel the same need to let go on someone, but... never someone I loved. You have a serious problem and you need some fucking help. This isn't okay. And that relationship isn't healthy if both of you want to be physically aggressive like that.

  • lol, it happened alright. bout broke up that night but we made it to a year together. somehow.

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