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Anyone kinda angry that all this pain, suffering, lost time, being locked down inside a house, fear, people dying, is ALL , LITERALLY , ONLY because Chinese people COULD NOT stop eating exotic wild animals? if they would eat beef chicken and fish like everyone else NONE OF THIS would be happening. And i know some worthless miserable sacks of shit are gonna say that this is RaCiSt but i don't give a fuck. maybe if we had been more RaCiSt the whole world wouldn't be suffering right now. If you're a chinese bat eater, go fuck yourself, i hope you fucking die a horrible death and your whole bat eating family dies so the world becomes a less horrible place.

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  • honestly.. theres one ethnic in SE Asia that eat bats for generations. And they didnt get any deadly virus from it. I think its weird.

  • kys you racist piece of shit!

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