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I'm currently working as a nurse in Saudi. It's my first time working in abroad. It's already 5 months since I started working here and I still feel unwelcome. I tried to reach out, suggest things, hang out with them, etc. but I just can't fit in. There are some times that they're okay with me but most of the time that make me feel that I don't belong. Some of them are good to me, but there are some who just doesn't want me there. If we're working, it's ok because I'll not be able to think of those things because were always busy and when we go home, I'll just go to sleep early. But now that everything's in lockdown and we can't go out, I feel alone and stuck in a place where I can't fit in. I hope I explained it well. English is not my first language. I just want to vent out because I don't have anyone to talk to. I don't want my family and friends at home to worry about me.

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  • you want to vent, just fart!

  • do your best, just stick with people who are nice to you.

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