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I'm a 23 year old guy, height 1m85 (6'0) and weigh around 63kg (138 lbs). That means my BMI is 18.5 which is exactly borderline average/mildly thin. I was a really fat kid and for the first time in my life I'm happy with how I look and have never felt better. But whenever my parents see me now, my own mother says she's scared I'm anorexic and is always worried I don't make enough money for food. For some reason only they and 2 other family friends say this, but they make a point of guilt-tripping me every goddamn time. I actually eat a lot - I'm just incredibly active and happen to be a smoker (nicotine eats away at fat, apparently). Nomatter what I tell them I can't convince them that now is actually the healthiest I've ever been in terms of body structure. I hadn't seen them in over a year, and the first day of my visit has officially ended with us slamming our respective bedroom doors without so much as a goodnight. It pisses me off to no end because they get really melodramatic and act like every time I leave home is the last time they're gonna see me because I'm gonna die of starvation or something.

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  • same just be yourself and if they think you not healthy just tell you are vegan :)

  • Never mind them. They're probably jealous of your new self confidence. I've got a BMI like yours and I'm active and eat a lot, but some people just won't understand that. Enjoy beeing healthy ;)

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